HARDCORE. Superb 13 track collection of scandinavian hardcore legends ANTI CIMEX. Featuring the classic "anarkist attack" 7" (1982), "victims of the bomb raid" 7" (1984) and "raped ass" 7" (1983). Without a doubt ANTI CIMEX were the forefathers of the Scandinavian scene. This is a must have collection!

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GARAGE-PUNK. "watch yr back" (initialy released on P.Trash Records in 2005). Do you really need to know a bit more about DIGGER AND THE PUSSYCATS? This is wild, soulfoul and dirty rock 'n' roll with a fuckin' backbone. You get your fill of shaking DIRTBOMBS-like Detroit sound or infected slower WIPERS-parts and a good dose of OBLIVIANS overdrive. In between, the 2 Aussies blast out the some unapologetic punk tunes that reminds of old LEWD topped with a brutal and ear-battering MUDHONEY feedback orgy. DIGGER & THE PUSSYCATS neither backed nor slowed down a bit on this catchy and tight platter.

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PUNK-ROCK. THE DWARVES, most extreme and cool American punk-rock band release this insane release. And what is it? Well, well, well... Mr. Nick Oliveri (KYUSS, THE QUEENS OF STONE AGE) is THE DWARVES bass player, and here we have compiled those tracks where Nick Oliveri is singing, screaming and shouting out loud. As you can expect from THE DWARVES this is a 20min. album with 12 direct punk-rock shots to make your ears bleed! Stay alert because this is a limited edition of 1000 copies!

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DEATH-METAL. There's a new mark of darkness coming out of the amplifiers of IMPENDING DOOM. This is a band comprised of musicians who manipulate the genre of death-metal like a butcher wields his cleaver. Bending vocal sounds takes the listener on a downward spiral into the depths of the band's convictions where one may be surprised to find a shining light of unbelievable brilliance. Colored vinyl includes a digital download card.

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POWER-VIOLENCE HARDCORE. This split present two new and fresh fast and loud bands from Italy. IGIOIA deliver female-fronted power-violence and JONESTOWN KIDS deliver fastcore with some hardcore and metal influences.

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HARDCORE/METAL. "war & insanity" is MANIAC's debut full-length album. Twelve tracks of grim and extravagant hardcore inspired by legendary bands such as INTEGRITY, CELTIC FROST, DISCHARGE, and POISON IDEA. Thematically very similar to their previous releases, "war & insanity" finds MANIAC focusing in on a range of topics such as mental illness, war, nihilism, survival, and automation. Tape is limited to 100 copies and includes a digital download card.

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HARDCORE. "pain of mind" marks the inception of one of the weirdest and most powerful bands there ever was as they began their odyssey through the sonic landscape: 33 years, 13 albums and counting. These gritty hardcore songs bear little resemblance to what NEUROSIS would become, but the future was written here, and if you listen closely to these kids - barely out of high school at the time, you can hear their early influences: the guitars and existential anguish of AMEBIX and RUDIMENTARY PENI, the passionate politics of CRASS, the heaviness of SABBATH - and here, too. With "pain of mind", NEUROSIS sunk their claws into the hearts and minds of the East-Bay scene like no one else.

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HARDCORE. Twenty years ago, Albany, NY-based hardcore crew ONE KING DOWN released their soon-to-be classic, "bloodlust revenge". Equal Vision is now releasing a newly re-mastered vinyl reissue. "bloodlust revenge", regarded by most fans as the band's finest recorded hour, is now repackaged and re-mastered. Colored (yellow) MLP is limited to 300 copies and includes a digital download card with 16 additional tracks.

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HARDCORE. Featuring Scott Vogel of TERROR and Tim Redmond of SNAPCASE. SLUGFEST shaped the Buffalo, hardcore scene and sound in the early-'90s. It features all 8 studio tracks plus 4 live tracks.

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