animus (2018/PROSTHETIC)

DEATH-METAL. Surely the best new death-metal to come out of the UK in long time. "animus" is the debut album from South Wales based, female fronted quintet VENOM PRISON. Having 1st pummeled the jugular of the underground with their self-released demo in 2015, VENOM PRISON unleashing their 10 track debut now. Led by a frontwoman, VENOM PRISON tackles such subjects as social Darwinism, misogyny, rape culture and the rejection of God and religion. Depicted as "a buzz that began as a whisper now as incessant as a swarm of wasps inches from your eardrum". The limited, deluxe vinyl is available in an exclusive edition of 500 copies, in purple splatter vinyl with the bonus live CD also included.

LPcol+CD 24.00€* Other articles by VENOM PRISON