im gang vor die hunde (2018/TWISTED CHORDS)

PUNK-HARDCORE. PLEITE from Berlin are current-and ex-members from HENRY FONDA, AST, AFTERLIFE KIDS, CHEVIN and DIKLOUD. In spring 2017 they did a demo tape, later they recorded "im gang vor die hunde"as a professional tape-release, which was sold-out quickly. Now re-released as a one-sided LP with beautiful screen-print on the b-side. You'll get 8 remastered tracks from the tape and "oma“ from the 1st demo in a new version, including the HENRY FONDA cover "deutschland du täter“. Musicwise somewhere between HAMMERHEAD and contemporary bands like PISSE, with a bit Washington-DC-hardcore, melancholic melodies and the early TURBOSTAAT-stuff. One-sided vinyl includes a digital download card.

LP 11.50€* Other articles by PLEITE