BLACK-METAL. UNRU’s debut, official released on a limited tape finally got released as a proper vinyl. "MMXIII" is a dense and cluttered nightmare. It’s a highly abstract recording that merges vicious, cutting black-metal with pounding passages of sludgy crust. While there are 11 tracks on "MMXIII", the recordings feels more like one disjointed 25min. movement through a dark and twisted landscape. There’s never really a break in the music; UNRU simply shift between brief outbursts of sharp, calculated black-metal and equally brief stretches of eerie atonal ambiance peppered with guitar feedback. UNRU is certainly a member of the new generation of black metal acts that enjoy playing around with disjointed time signatures by balancing frenetic energy and calculation. Thick 180gr vinyl is limited to 400 copies.

LP 15.00€* Other articles by UNRU