ugly (2017/MUSIC ON VINYL)

CROSSOVER-METAL. This album never grows old or tired. Where "river runs red" was like a panther that had sprung from it's cage to maul you unmercifully, "ugly" was the other panther that knew when to wait and gauge it's prey before going in for the kill. In short, they're both effective and brutal, but of the two, "ugly" is the more measured and thoughtful album. For those of you out there who love great vocals and thoughtful lyrics and want to be moved by an album, then, please, buy this album. You'll discover that which the loyal throng of LIFE OF AGONY fans have known all along. Prepare to be blessed! Colored (gold) vinyl is handnumbered to 1500 copies.

LPcol 20.00€* Other articles by LIFE OF AGONY