GRINDCORE. The band formed in late 2013 by 3 former COLDWORKER members. Following the releases of their 7" and a few live shows AXIS OF DESPAIR continued to work on material with the ultimate goal to create a striking grindcore album with an aggressive, yet diverse selection of strong songs. "contempt for man" propels with 20 super-charged raging songs, clocking in around the half an hour mark - short enough to retain attention, and long enough to serve a good taste of the bands particular brand of European grindcore.

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HARDCORE. Ushering in a new sound of groove and intensity, DROWNING breaks all the molds in the underground on their sophomore full-length "23". DROWNING cull a refined stance with their urban-influenced vocals and lyrical stories written into their d-tuned vision of extreme music. With a bruise your face bass and drum rhythm section, you'll feel like you are in the middle of the pit before you realize that you straight-up blew your speakers.

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HARDCORE. [RELEASEDATE 07.09.18] Limited colored (clear) vinyl is limited to 300 copies and includes a digital download card.

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HARDCORE. [RELEASEDATE 24.08.2018] JESUS PIECE has left craters in their path over recent years, quickly developing a reputation as one of the heaviest, most uncompromising acts both on record and on the stage. With the brutalizing grooves of Y2K-era metallic hardcore greats like DISEMBODIED, DEADGUY at the core, the band incorporates elements of noise, ominous tones, and haunting atmospheres into their dynamic songwriting. With 11 tracks packed into a debilitating 32min. attack, "only self" delivers the perfect '90s metallic hardcore sound.

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HARDCORE. [RELEASEDATE 17.08.2018] "no surrender", originally released in 2009 got a proper colored (red) vinyl re-press. One of the 1st bands in europe to fuse metal and hardcore, KICKBACK continue where they left off and all 11 songs on "no surrender" are fuelled by the hate that drives them. KICKBACK are here to tip the scales and upset the balance.

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INSTRUMENTAL/POST-ROCK. Originally released in 2006, "young mountain" is the debut album from instrumentalists THIS WILL DESTROY YOU. While prior pressings were all on Magic Bullet Records, 2018 finds the album on Dark Operative, a new company from the creative team behind Magic Bullet. In the years since their initial release, the songs of "young mountain" have taken on a life of their own, finding synchs in major films and film trailers, major sports events, and far beyond. "young mountain, a 6-song, 36min. composition of aural brilliance that has already garnered an obsessed fanbase both in their home state and in underground circles worldwide.

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SKA-PUNK-ROCK. VOODOO GLOW SKULLS concocted their infectious mixture of punk, ska, and Latino music in 1988 and proceed to distill it into a poisonous brew of propulsive rock 'n' roll that has driven audiences wild around the globe. 2002's "steady as she goes" combined guttural, rapid-fire vocals, a tough, metallic guitar attack, a funhouse horn section, and muscular drumming that borders on polka for the insane.

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