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HARDCORE. THE UNRULED dominated the early '80s montreal hardcore scene with their rabid blend of hardcore, metallic leads and some of the fastest drumming pre grind hardcore. The band split up before they could record a proper full-length. THE UNRULED have reformed now with 2 members from INEPSY. The newly reformed band have recorded many of the classic UNRULED songs and have written a few newer songs that continue to meld a crustier, heavier element to their sound.

LP 7.50€* CD 7.50€*


POWER-VIOLENCE HARDCORE. This debut from both bands is a hardcore and power-violence onslaught. PIGSTICKER hail from Cleveland. On this release they lay down 7 fast in-your-face traditional Clevo hardcore anthems like H100's or 9 SHOCKS TERROR. On the other side is NOTHING IS OVER from Philadelphia. They bring to the table 11 blasting hardcore influenced power-violence tracks including a NEGATIVE APPROACH cover. Comes in silkscreened and handnumbered covers.

LP 7.50€*


HARDCORE. "embrace the hatred" is the 2nd full-length by Berlins´ NOTHING. The record is yet again packed with a perfect mix of explosive hardcore in the vein of early NYC hardcore, dirty Portland hardcore aka POISON IDEA and the thrash and crossover of early Bay-Area bands or D.R.I.. This gem will make your head spin and bang! Bla bla...former members of BOMBENALARM, HIGHSCORE, MÖNSTER, SITUATIONS etc.. Vinyl comes with eyecatching artwork and includes a digital download card.

LP 5.50€*


HARDCORE-PUNK. MEDIA BLITZ is a hardcore band from Orange County. They have been around for a few years and "burn the world" is their 3rd release. If you own there previous material, you know how much energy and aggression they put forth into their songs. Pissed off hardcore-punk with snarled shouts, fast simple hardcore riffs, gang vocals, sweet mini-solos, cool breakdowns, and catchy drumming. The band has really stepped it up a notch. Everything about the band is angrier and tighter, not just the music but the lyrics as well. You'll be circle pitting for days after listening to this. Why isn't this band more popular than they are by now? Vinyl includes a digital download card.

LP 7.50€*


POP-PUNK-ROCK. This is the sound of a bedroom garage-rock band getting inside a refrigerator carton and being pushed down a steep hill. The HOME BLITZ MLP bangs through 5 songs, including SLADE's ode to civic pride, "My town". The murmur from the battery powered amps, the guitar pick being pulled across the strings, and the muffed snot-headed vocals are perfect. HOME BLITZ seems to fall in the same field as the Wisconsin one-man-band outfit, PINK REASON. Recommended for fans of low-fi d.i.y. power-pop and ripping fun.

MLP 6.50€*


CRUST/POST-HARDCORE. Dark crust hardcore act SUNLUN and blackened, atmospheric post-hardcore band CHAMBERS from Berlin have just dropped a stunning split record that builds towers of noise, slamming riffs and establishes itself as one of 2017’s finest, underrated dark hardcore releases. Please give these guys the treatment they deserve and play it loud!

LP 7.00€*


HARDCORE-PUNK. These songs show the band taking yet another step forward as a band and now have completely distanced from the sound they were more known for on the previous releases. The music is still harsh and still firmly footed in hardcore and the band remains as hard hitting as the LP had shown but the band also stretch out musically more here too. At the end TIMEBOMBS adding mid-tempo elements and sounding louder with their equipment upgrades. This was meant to be a 7' but the length was too long to fit on that format and still sound proper thus the 10' being the best fit. Limited edition of just 329.

10" 6.50€*


HARDCORE-PUNK. "i belong in hell" is Southern California's TIMEBOMBS 1st full-length. This one is a bit different from the previous material but still having that TIMEBOMBS' sound. The TIMEBOMBS continue to play hardcore, but this time make it a little more noisy, adding elements of '90s Gravity Records bands, but maintaining the energy and ferocity of the hardcore movement. Lyrically its more desperate, paranoid and angry than their other songs and its still retaining the slight melody they always have - its a solid release that stands out in underground hardcore.

LP 7.50€*


HARDCORE-PUNK. The debut full-length of those 5 sparkling, good looking men from South Germany (ex-almost everything; LUZIFERS MOB, DEAD BEAT, STACK, FEAR IS THE PATH TO THE DARKSIDE etc.). Formed in 1996, with a short break, they're back with the line-up of their legendary demo and recorded these 14 tracks of melodic, pissed off, rocking hardcore-punk with political, personal and cynical lyrics. This is the most innovative thing that happened to mankind since wet toilet paper and this is taking a piss on loserbands like early POISON IDEA, R.K.L. and others. DIAVOLO ROSSO is guided by the spirit of the '80s, but dusted-off! So do yourself a favour and swallow this pill of raging hardcore-punk! Vinyl version includes a CD version. [PK 040]

LP+CD 6.60€* CD 2.00€*


CRUST-METAL. Norways gloomiest and heaviest crust-monster is back! 4 years after their 1st full-lengst "scavengers feast", SUMMON THE CROWS are prepared to unleash a new studio album of 10 manic and intense bulldozer-crust anthems that come along with a distinctive blackened vibe and a vary of fast and mid-tempo elements in their songwriting not unlike old black-metal but with a way better production and a hell lot of sound and urge for power in their production! You might spot some bits of influence here and there, reminding you sometimes of SLAYER, CELTIC FROST or even the old vintage VOIVOD. A guttural sick vibe within the vocals, a bass and drum unit that weights several tons and a heavy shredding and chugging guitar that creates a sonic juggernaut of grim and dire tunes. LP comes with a poster insert including lyrics and artwork. The new-wave of Norvegian blackened crust has arrived!

LP 7.00€*


POST-HARDCORE. A release worth a years worth of waiting. Two of Richmond's finest bands come together on this split 7". On this record THE CATALYST bring to mind bands like TRAGEDY with a more fast sound and dueling vocals between members. On the other side Richmond's BRAINWORMS laid down 2 of their best tracks yet. Both tracks have showed how much this band has evolved in writing since last years records.

7" 3.00€*


DEATH-METAL. The debut of MORBITORY, "into the morbitory" contains 6 tracks of pure old-school death-metal from Hamburg, Germany. If your into classic bands like AUTOPSY, GRAVE, DEATH or newer bands like DEATHRITE, this is for you. MORBITORY consists members of DAWN OF OBLITERATION and ROTTEN CORPSE. Limited to 398 copies.

LP 6.50€*


PUNK-ROCK. PEER PRECIOUS deliver heartfelt punk-rock that brings to mind HICKEY, ONION FLAVORED RINGS, and THE STUN GUNS. Pick up this album, if your into d.i.y. punk - you won’t be disappointed!

LP 8.00€*


POP/POST-PUNK. MARRIAGE MATERIAL are 3 brothers all raised by their father who taught them how to play their instruments. Their message is one of acceptance and persistence. Their sound is the reflection of their personal taste in the many diverse sounds that punk has to offer. Bands that get brought up in band meetings like HOT SNAKES, FLESHIES, RADIOACTIVITY, WIRE. Members of GOD EQUALS GENOCIDE, SUMMER VACATION, PINNED IN PLACE and a couple more.

7" 3.50€*


PUNK-ROCK. This is the debut from Chicago powerhouse, FUR COATS, featuring members of DAS KAPITAL, DIRECT HIT, NO EMPATHY, THE TRAITORS, etc. These songs carry on the great tradition of melodic Chicago punk, and the hooks will get stuck in your head for days. Don't believe me? Limited to 300 on black vinyl!

7" 2.50€*


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