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HARDCORE-PUNK. Tighter, faster and harder, EMPTY GRAVE returns with 13 blistering tracks of hardcore-punk. Mix CHRIST ON PARADE, STATE OF ALERT, GOVERNMENT ISSUE and other early hardcore bands, then you can get an idea of how this hits your ears. Filled with unique hooks and cynical lyrics, this album captures the darker side of existence in an uncommon way.

LPcol 6.50€*


DOOM/SLUDGE-METAL. Recorded live to air at PBS FM Melbourne the band at the time considered these songs unfinished or works in progress when they were captured. Later on the songs got released on tape and now finally on vinyl. Both songs (~20min.) got pressed on 45rpm for a maximum sound (mastered by James Plotkin). WHITEHORSE's doom is of the monstrously slow, detuned, feedbacking, glassthroat variety that so many love, and so many others loathe. If you like CORRUPTED, KHANATE or MOSS you will praise WHITEHORSE. Limited to 300 copies!

MLP 7.00€*


SLUDGE-METAL. "IV" is the 4th release from this outstanding sludgecore outfit - and they're getting better from release to release. HAGGATHA "II" and "III" was very different! "II" was more slow, in the veins of THOU and "III" was more into the EYEHATEGOD vibes. "IV" is the perfect mix of both - very slow with some killer riffs!! This is without doubt a masterpiece of sludge! Vinyl is housed in a gatefold-sleeve, comes with 16 page booklet.

LP 7.50€*


PUNK-ROCK. "happy loneliness" is the heavily anticipated 2nd studio album and a brilliant and broody follow-up to last year's ripping "no escape". On "happy loneliness" you'll get 8 melodic driving punk-rock. This is yet again fresh, catchy, snotty and still raw - mid paced and catchy as hell. A big step up for them as well, throwing in a strong dark influence with twisted hooks and desperate lyrical content. It reminds of the ZERO BOYS, ADOLESCENTS and newer bands like NO HOPE FOR THE KIDS and YOUNG WASTENERS. The production has a real late '70s rock influenced punk sound. Limited colored (red) vinyl.

LPcol 8.50€*


HARDCORE. Amazing follow up to their debut on Lengua Armada. This 7" is a great combination of influence of spanish, south-american and italian early '80s hardcore - just like the 1st but with a little better production. A must have for fans of WRETCHED, early RATOS DE PORAO, COLERA etc.. Limited european edition of 300 copies with silkscreened cover.

7" 3.50€*


PROGRESSIVE-HARDCORE/METAL. Leeds 3 piece, taking influences from the doomy atmospherics of NEUROSIS, an underbelly of crust care of AMEBIX, and an air of recklessness favoured by the likes of EYEHATEGOD. The band create a vibe that is heavy, dark and ambient, with tortured male/female vocals, and a mission to take you to a frightening place. Starting out with crushing guitars and abrasive vocals a pounding rhythm soon is established leading to some haunting guitar work it sets the tone for more to follow. This Release also contains almost the whole debut (one song is missing) on the b-side and includes a poster-inlay.

LP 7.00€*


DOOM/DEATH-METAL. The "demo" part sounds like primitive early DARKTHRONE and ULVER with melodic Swedish death-metal melodies tossed in here and there. Some of the riffs and solos conjure up old-school thrash and even traditional heavy-metal like JUDAS PRIEST. The "hardchrist" part half focuses on better production and more of a black- and doom mood in the vein of early CANDLEMASS. Viking elements are hinted at as well. "hardchrist" contains the 1st demo "given the chance to die" and the "hardchrist" MCD.

LP 5.00€*


POST-HARDCORE/SCREAMO. This split LP features Slovenia's PAPERPLANCRASH and The Czech Republic's REMEK. PAPERPLANCRASH play a great style of music that incorporates elements of emo and post-hardcore within their sound. For those unfamiliar with the band PAPERPLANCRASH play 5 tracks in a similar fashion such as CHILD MEADOW, 12XU, and BATON ROGUE. The flipside 4 songs on this split come courtesy of REMEK. They offer up a tense, urgent, and discordant style of screamo tinged post-hardcore. REMEK reminds of bands such as BRITO and DAITRO. Overall, this is a killer split LP, with each band offering up top material. Packed in a d.i.y. screen-printed cover with huge booklet.

LP 6.00€*


BLACK/DOOM-METAL. A recent release out of Tennessee, BATTLE PATH play an amalgamation of various extreme metal subgenres. As evidence by the shrieks, moody atmosphere and fast-picked buzzing, the overarching influence is black-metal, but the band gives so much attention to other influences that this release has something for every metal fan. Mesmerizing and pounding, swirling tremolo riffs mix with slightly punkish drums to create a landscape over which the vocalist can unleash his piercing rasps. And just when you find yourself in the abysmal groove of what the band offers, they quickly dive into a doomed breakdown that transitions into atonal explosions. Limited red color.

LPcol 12.00€*


POST/SCREAMO-HARDCORE. "the death of affect" by BATTLE OF WOLF 359 containing 8 tracks of intense heavy hardcore ala SYSTRAL or SHIKARI meets older emo-violence madness ala WELCOME TO THE PLAGUE YEAR.

MLP 5.50€*


POST-HARDCORE. Richmond's the SETUP blast through 13min. of their hardest offerings to date. Combining elements of hardcore, punk-rock, and straight up metal, these southern boys detonate chunky guitar riffs with collapsing vocals. The results? An overly aggresive and sadistic composition for fans of everything from CONVERGE. SCHEMATIC OF A WAKING LIFE lay down 4 tracks of post-hardcore perfection. Songs suggestive of a DC sound from the '90s brewed with the updated offerings of HOT CROSS and OFF MINOR. These new englanders manage to be melodic and cathcy without loosing their frantic edge.

LP 6.00€*


PUNK-ROCK. THE JIM TABLOWSKI EXPERIENCE, THE and ALIEN TV on one common split LP. TJTE with ex-members of NAPOLEON DYNAMITE, SNITCH A SNATCH and MANN KACKT SICH IN DIE HOSE deliver 10 extreme catchy college-garage-pop-punk hymns ala DESCENDENTS or FYP. ALIENT TV got members of LIBERTY MADNESS and the early MODERN PETS and bring you 6 rapid melodic-punk songs between Fat Wreck and No Idea Records artists. Limited to 500 pieces on thick 180gr. vinyl.

LP 5.00€*


SLUDGE/NOISE-HARDCORE. GORGONOISID come from Frankfurt, Germany, and this is their 1st full-length LP. The band consists of ex- and current members of CONFUSED, GOLDEN GORILLA, CAPTAINPOPAPTAIN, BLACK SHAPE OF NEXUS, GUNMOB and more. Musicwise this is a great mix of early sludge bands like BUZZOV-EN, 16 or NOOTHGRUSH with a noise-rock edge like THE JESUS LIZARD or SCRATCH ACID. This also has some really slow stuff on it - just an insane record... like a cry of despair through a hold shut mouth. This is the special pre-order and release-show-edition of the record. This will contain a one-sided 7", with "monsternachahmer" and a digital download card.

LP+7" 11.50€*


HARDCORE. Japan's LOW VISION bring 4 tracks of fast, energetic hardcore. LOW VISION has been playing for years, mixing styles, but keeping it based in direct, full-on, high energy thrash. LOW VISION takes influence from bands like early Revelation 7" artists as well as faster Japanese thrash bands like BREAKFAST, FASTS and JELLYROLL ROCKHEADS. This is the new generation of Tokyo high-energy thrash.

7" 3.00€*


THRASH-HARDCORE. Having come into their own, HIT ME BACK dish out the perfect blend of high energy thrash and anthemic posicore, not unlike their Socal predecessors LIFES HALT. Not to be missed. 21 tracks of pissed off hardcore.

LP 6.50€*


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