Ordering and Shipping Conditions

How to order :
- easiest way is to use our CART-system (you'll get an automatical sent conformation)
- via regular E-mail: mailorder@perkoro.com
- via telephone:  +49 - (0)521 - 5202670 (Monday-Friday 2pm - 6pm)

Method of Payment :
Payment should be made by a regular bank wire, thru PayPal or cash.
Get in touch with me for individual postage and shipping terms !

- PayPal :
You have to be registered with PAYPAL, go to www.paypal.com for details.
Please ask for our PER KORO Paypal Account.

- Bank Transfer :
Ask your bank how to transfer the money to germany and make sure to include the extra handling costs that our bank charges us for the transfer (depends on the country you come from - please send an email before!).

- Cash :
Cash (EUR) in a registered letter At your own risk.

- Postage Rates :
Everything is shipped as cheap as possible, and you are charged only for the costs that actually arise.

- For European countries :
We're able to send small parcels up to 2 kilos maximum for 9,00 €, but these parcels are not insured, so the shipment will be at your own risk.
Since the postage rates are different from country to country and various depending on the weight, it would be too much work to post them all here.
We'll tell you the exact postage when we're getting your order.

If you want your parcel to be insured or if the weight is greater than 2 kilos, please refer to the following postage rates for your country:

Benelux: 13,00
Czech Republic: 13,00
Denmark: 13,00
Finland: 13,00
France: 13,00
Greece: 13,00
Hungary: 13,00
Ireland: 13,00
Italy: 13,00
UK 13,00
Poland: 13,00
Portugal: 13,00
Slovenia: 13,00
Spain: 13,00
Sweden: 13,00

If you live outside of Europe or if your country is not listed, please contact us for more information.

- All foreign orders must be payed in advance.
- All items in our Online-Store are priced in european EURO [€]