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INDIE-ROCK. MINUS THE BEAR and Suicide Squeeze Records are pleased to announce the reissue of "they make beer commercials like this". The wildly popular release is a fan favorite and is MINUS THE BEAR's biggest selling release to date. This release has been re-mastered, re-packaged and expanded to include the bonus track "houston, we have uh-ohs". Colored vinyl includes a digital download card.

LPcol 17.00€*


HARDCORE. HARLEY FLANAGAN's solo recordings from 1982-1983. The CRO-MAGS are without a doubt, one of the most influential New York Hardcore bands of all time, and these are the 1st demos ever recorded by the sole founding member of the band. The tracks were recorded at the Song Shop in 1982 and finished in 1983. By 1984 the CRO-MAGS played their 1st show. These are the demos that started it all!

MLP 15.00€*


POST/INDIE-ROCK. FOXING's much anticipated 3rd album, "nearer my god", tackles such weighted subjects as religion, mental illness, political instability, global disaster, and the near constant sense of impending doom. Among the dark subject matter, however, the band delivers an album that is, without a doubt, their most immediate, complex, sonically grand, and focused work yet. Vinyl includes a digital download card.

DoLP 28.00€*


HARDCORE. Spawned from the ashes of CROWN OF THORNZ these kings from Queens crack the hardcore scene between the eyes with their two-fisted, streetwise style. Their 1998 release, "kings at crime", contained bruising yet sincere lyrics dealing with revenge, honor, and heartbreak, taking the listener on a hardcore joyride through a land where drugs, money, and sex reign supreme.

LPcol 18.50€* CD 13.50€*


SCREAMO-HARDCORE. LOST BOYS is a screamo/hardcore three-piece from Germany, which started playing shows in 2016. After achieving lots of positive feedback for their self-titled debut, the band has finally released their 1st album. "fun" consists of ten furious, short and rough songs, which might be a pleasure to listen to if you dig bands like MAJORITY RULE, PG.99, ORCHID.

LP 10.00€*


HARDCORE/METAL. Sweden’s BROKEN CROSS have always straddled the border between metal and hardcore, and there’s good news about their latest album, "militant misanthrope": that hasn’t changed a bit. Super moshable hardcore with a healthy dose of thrash-metal is what you’ll get on "militant misanthrope", which makes sense since Toxic Holocaust’s Joel Grind mastered the record. Their songs are competantly assembled, the guitar riffs are decent (there's even the occasional face melter), and the drumming is heavy. "militant misanthrope" is a pretty straight forward hardcore record, with '80s thrash-heavy-metal influences and some howling wolf sounds thrown in for good measure.

LPcol 14.50€*


EMO-PUNK. German punk-band, that instantly will get you with their remarkable HÜSKER DÜ guitar-sound and great lyrics. ATMEN, WEITER is for fans of PASCOW, TURBOSTAAT and the likes. Vinyl comes with heavy cardboard cover and includes a digital download card.

LP 12.00€*


HARDCORE-PUNK. The 2st release on the new Boss Tuneage offshoot label Flexipunk. STATE FUNERAL are from Brighton, UK and "tory party prison" was their amazing demo. Limited edition flexi disc with wraparound cover

7" FLEXI 4.50€*


HARDCORE/METAL. NAILS, tyrants of the American underground, have triumphantly completed their 2nd full-length "abandon all life". Recorded at Godcity these 10 tracks of barbaric rage have no resemblance to the laughable, retro party metal that passes as extreme music in today's world. Instead, NAILS carpet bombs the listener with their horrifying brand of death/grind/hardcore chaos; flawlessly blending shades of SUFFOCATION, early NASUM, and CELTIC FROST with their own sadistic aggression. With profound hatred, the howling war cry of "abandon all life" shows NAILS as a band without equal in their class. Vinyl comes with a gatefold-cover including a silver Southern Lord Records 20th anniversary foil-stamp on the back.

LP 19.00€* CD 13.50€*


HARDCORE/METAL. "unsilent death" consists of 10 unrelenting and unapologetic songs with a sound not unlike the late '80s Earache Records catalog mixed with early power-violence. Recorded during the cold winter at Kurt Ballou's Godcity Studio. NAILS sounds like ENTOMBED covering NAPALM DEATH and DROP DEAD. Vinyl comes with a gatefold-cover including a silver Southern Lord Records 20th anniversary foil-stamp on the back.

LP 18.00€* CD 13.50€*


THRASH-HARDCORE/METAL. The very best tracks from everyone's favorite imbeciles, those legends of hardcore-thrash-metal, D.R.I..

LPcol 23.00€*


SLUDGE-HARDCORE. Greensboro's MOURNING CLOAK, made up of members of TORCH RUNNER, GRAF ORLOCK and BRAVEYOUNG. "no visible light" clocks in at just over 33min. of crushing riffs, devastating beats and thunderous vocals. It grooves hard enough to split the catacombs in half, releasing the crypt bats into the air. After the quickly dissipating opening ambience the guitars crawl from open graves and shake the rust off their bones with godless black-and-blues riffs. There is suck a thick layer of slime and sludge on the album tracks. This is some seriously bleak stuff that fans of BONGZILLA and COUGH should feverishly inhale.

LP 6.50€*


INDIE/PROGRESSIVE-ROCK. "further out", the highly anticipated debut full-length from the reclusive Indiana trio CLOAKROOM, can best be defined as an exploratory sonic mission. CLOAKROOM's output is the end result of researching seemingly dissimilar elements like atmospheric post-rock, punishingly slow stoner-metal and cathartic emo and how their best qualities can work into a final, organic sound, masterfully navigated by an expert and a completely analog production. "further out" boasts the timelessness of a classic record: it is expansive and exploratory while still reflective and referential to the astral tendencies of predecessors like HUM and JESU. Colored vinyl includes a digital download card.

DoLPcol 19.00€*


PUNK-HARDCORE. Richmond's CLOAK/DAGGER have been dormant for a while, releasing little more than an 7" here and there since their 2nd Jade Tree Records LP, "lost art", in 2009. This self-released LP brings more garage-tinged hardcore-punk delivered by scene vets who have been in bands like TIME FLIES, COUNT ME OUT, TRIAL BY FIRE, MAJORITY RULE and nowadays HARAM. Vinyl is limited to 500 copies and includes a digital download card.

LP 16.50€*


SCREAMO/POST-HARDCORE. BEHIND CLOSED DOORS was a young band from Baltimore. Formed in 1996 and disbanded by 1998. They broke up while in the process of writing their debut full-length in 1998. Bridging the crazed emotions of early screamo bands like HEROIN and ANGEL HAIR, the thoughtful complexity of UNWOUND and the sinister heaviness of HIS HERO IS GONE, BEHIND CLOSED DOORS was a huge bolt of lightning in a very tiny bottle. "exit lines: the brief history of behind closed doors" collects the entire recorded history. Remastered from the original studio master tapes. Colored vinyl comes with an etched b-side and includes a digital download card.

LPcol 16.00€*


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