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HARDCORE. Montreal-based, lords of slam-skank OMEGAS have to be one of the best bands in hardcore at the moment. Their brand of anthemic hardcore gives devotion to their NYC and Boston hardcore influences with a uniquely snarky street-punk attitude, all of which is filtered through a little crazy, making the title of their debut LP all too appropriate. "blasts of lunacy" is 12 tracks of hardcore wizardry. This particular release sees the band emphasizing their NYC influences even more than on previous material. With this 23min. LP the band has proven that it is able to maintain momentum through an entire full-length and that their particular brand of over-the-top hardcore.

LP 12.00€*


THRASH/DEATH-METAL. This album reeks of old-school thrash and death-metal. This album makes you wish you were in the mosh. This album makes you bang your head. Speedy riffs, well timed beats and kick ass solos. The debut of the mighty GHOUL, "we came for the dead" begins the story of Creepsylvania where people are hunted, eatenand moshed. This album is finally pressed to vinyl. GHOUL is the #1 band from Creepsylvania. Colored (blue) re-press includes a digital download card.

LPcol 17.50€*


HARDCORE. Musically, SUNSHINE WARD can be loosely compared to bands such as GREEN BERET, TOTALITÄR, CHAOS UK, and SAVAGEHEADS. After there 7" and Ferald Ward album, "nuclear ambitions" is the 2nd album bei Boston's hardcore-punks. This 10-song LP shows vicious, blistering and stripped down hardcore and d-beat. Less pedals, more hardcore. Pogo and mosh. Hard as piss. Flip a cop car. Members of BRAIN KILLER and EXIT ORDER. Highly recommended!

LP 17.00€*


HARDCORE. "bring it" is the 2nd full-length from Philly hardcore agitators. RAMBO mix the melodic hard driving crust sound of DISFEAR and WOLFBRIGADE with heavy mosh and the radical anarcho-punk provocation of CONFLICT. LP come with a full length DVD featuring live footage of RAMBO's out of control theatrical antics, tour documentaries and activism.

LP+DVD 14.50€*


HARDCORE. REMISSION is Chile's top hardcore export, making a name of themselves by releasing multiple records for React Records. With "enemy of silence", the band continues to delve into the melodic and heartfelt hardcore world of "trial"-era VERBAL ASSAULT and RITES OF SPRING, perfect label mates for PRAISE. Colored (red) vinyl includes a digital download card.

LPcol 19.00€*


HARDCORE. Hailing from Olympia, this hungry quartet hands out 6 of the meanest sound-fights that city has ever swallowed. Heavy, fast and intriguing all at the same time. Sonically they land somewhere between the "face the music" era TAR BABIES and DEVOID OF FAITH. Flip, repeat, flip, repeat.

7" 6.00€*


GRINDCORE. This killer album contains not less than 25 hard-hitting and captivating tunes. It's insanely fast punky grindcore that goes from hyperspeed blasting to thrashier, midpaced hardcore, and into that mix BIRDFLESH toss in their goofy song titles. If you haven't picked up on by now, BIRDFLESH tap into the goofball genre-bending thrash of SPAZZTIC BLURR, but deliver their silliness through crusty grind in the vein of bands like NASUM, NAPALM DEATH or SAYYADINA.

LP 13.50€*


HARDCORE. Debut 7" by this young Portland band. If you dug the demo, you know what to expect - and it doesn't disappoint! No special editions here, they're all black wax in pocket sleeve with insert. Raw and fuzzed out hardcore from Portland that brings to mind bands like ATROCIOUS MADNESS.

7" 7.00€*


HARDCORE. VILE were outsiders to an insular scene: kids from the Boston suburbs who decided to gain attention the easy way, by pissing people off. The 3 songs contained on this 7" were recorded during the "solution" LP sessions: "overload" being previously unreleased, and "definitions" and "5 to 10" being alternate versions to the LP cuts. These tracks are simple, raw, energetic, and pissed-off hardcore songs made by alienated kids.

7" 8.50€*


HARDCOE-PUNK. Formed in Los Angeles, in 1983, REIGN OF TERROR was a bit of an anomaly within the greater L.A. punk scene - they declared themselves modern metal and played a punk/metal hybrid that wouldn't dominate the landscape until much later. Featuring WÜRM and STAINS members, the band played just a handful of gigs and left behind one incredibly rare 7" and a track on Mystic's "it came from slimey valley" compilation. Perplexing punk and metal collectors alike (and decimating their wallets) for the past 35 years, Radio Raheem is extremely proud to present an official reissue of all known recorded material by REIGN OF TERROR.

7" 8.50€*


HARDCORE. "watch them fall" is the final opus from Washington, DC's PROTESTER, whose members-of list reads like a who's who of the area's scene of the last 10 years. This record is fast, modern, and straight-edge with 8 blasts of simple hardcore that fits on your shelf next to records from bands like NO TOLERANCE, BOSTON STRANGLER, or VIOLENT REACTION.

MLP 16.50€*


HARDCORE. Soon after FURY dummer Alex Samayoa moved from Southern California to New York, he helped found ILLUSION that has him grabbing the mic for vocal duties. The New York vibe rubbed off on the lad as ILLUSION draws from the local classics like CRO-MAGS, KILLING TIME, etc., with a guest vocal spot coming courtesy of Riley Gale of POWER TRIP on the title track.

7" 8.50€*


HARDCORE. The debut LP, "stake your claim", from Virginia's RED VISION is for any fan of the classics that isn't looking for just another copy of a band of yesteryear. There are slight nods to the legends of NYHC and perhaps even more blatant respects paid to SLAPSHOT, but "stake your claim" sounds all its own. If you're looking for straight-forward hardcore that isn't afraid to be irreverent, "stake your claim" is the release for you. Colored vinyl is limited to 500 copies.

LPcol 19.00€*


HARDCORE. To give faithful listeners a quick taste of what's to come on their forthcoming LP, ECOSTRIKE presents this 2-song flexi. The 1st track is an original: a dose of the band's signature, '90s hardcore-inspired sound that's big on "one truth"-era STRIFE, while the 2nd song is a cover of the oh-so familiar "flame still burns" by YOUTH OF TODAY. Limited edition of 500 copies.

7" FLEXI 7.50€*


INDIE-ROCK. VERY AMERICANS is an indie-rock band from Harrisburg that consists of ex-members of JUNCTION, THE COMMERCIALS and SAFARI SO GOOD. Displaying superb precision and musicianship, "stereo types'" driving and atmospheric indie-rock recalls everything from the DOVES to the likes of SUPERCHUNK and SUNNY DAY REAL ESTATE. Colored vinyl is handnumbered and includes a digital download card.

MLPcol 12.50€*


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