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DOOM-METAL. The Spanish answer to ELECTRIC WIZARD and WARHOUSE. On their 2nd full-length album, WARCHETYPE express themselves with a dark, heavy doom heart apart from creating sinister and dark sound passages inside great compositions. They drone without being labeled a drone band, and are heavy like no one else. "lord of the cave worm" is a long track of 36min. of doom, that's all.

LP 15.00€*


ANARCHO-POST-PUNK. The "feeding of the 5000" is the 1st album by the anarcho-punk band CRASS. The album was recorded October 1978 and was released the same year. It was considered revolutionary in its time due to what was considered an extreme sound, frequently profane lyrical content and the anarchist political ideals in the lyrics. The album is considered one of the 1st punk albums to expound serious anarchist philosophies.

LP 19.50€*


HARDCORE/PUNK-ROCK. CLITERATI, featuring former members of POISON IDEAD, VOETSEK, and MURDERESS and plays DISCHARGE-influenced queercore/d-beat/thrash-crust. CLITERATI believes in equality through inclusion. This split follows the 3 track "nuked at birth" 7". VIOLATION WOUND featuring AUTOPSY and former ABSCESS mastermind Chris Reifert. The California-based VIOLATION WOUND was forged in a beer and whiskey-soaked basement in June of 2013. Driven to manufacture 100% real punk-rock, fueled only by aggression and punishing riffs. VIOLATION WOUND honors the raw, dirty and pissed off ways of the genre’s original innovators, like ZEKE or TOXIC NARCOTIC. Colored (white) vinyl includes a digital download card.

LPcol 17.50€*


HARDCORE. "welcome to deathdust island" compiles 18 previously released tracks and 1 unreleased track from various past releases between 2006-2013 ("no boss" 7", "oo nukes", FRENZY split 7", compilation tracks from "what a hell fukushima", "terro-rhythm #7", "noise of mind", "hakai idenshi". Intense noise-hardcore from Okazaki, Japan!

LP 18.50€*


HARDCORE. A well-oiled machine is a band always on the road. Since their inception, WATCHDOGS has chosen to venture out extensively, grabbing scenes across the country by the collar and making them pay attention. If your old testament is "satisfaction is the death of desire" and your new testament is "perseverance", WATCHDOGS is here to preach.

7"col 7.50€*


HARDCORE. THE UNRULED dominated the early '80s montreal hardcore scene with their rabid blend of hardcore, metallic leads and some of the fastest drumming pre grind hardcore. The band split up before they could record a proper full-length. THE UNRULED have reformed now with 2 members from INEPSY. The newly reformed band have recorded many of the classic UNRULED songs and have written a few newer songs that continue to meld a crustier, heavier element to their sound.

LP 7.50€* CD 7.50€*


DEATH-METAL. THE DUSKFALL is back! Their new opus marks the band's return to the scene after 7 years of silence and delivers all the strengths of the Swedish metallers! Intense guitar solos, unforgettable melodies and brutal death/thrash riffing are the most obvious elements of the band's style. Above all soars the aggressive, yet emotional voice of Magnus that gives a very special edge all the to anthems. With "where the tree stands dead" THE DUSKFALL truly embraced the essence of their sound. Limited vinyl edition (just 300 copies) comes with 180gr vinyl and is handnumbered. This is Swedish metal at its very best!

LP 15.00€*


SLUDGE/BLACK-METAL. DARK CIRCLES from Canada vs ABSTRACTER, USA. Although both DARK CIRCLES and ABSTRACTER sound different, there is an underlying sense of despair that binds them together, and this is why this split makes total sense. Crust-hardcore from the north vs blackened death-doom from the west. Killer!

LPcol 13.00€*


DOOM/STONER-METAL. Recorded at Folkvang Studios in Austin, "gods of the earth" instantly conveys what words can only try to describe: THE SWORD is not to be taken lightly. From the moment the album's lead track "the sundering" explodes, it is immediately apparent that THE SWORD has upped the ante on a sound all its own. More ambitious, more accomplished and simply bigger, "gods of the earth's" huge, mountaintop-friendly hooks, thunderous drumming and oceanic bass lines cut through the air like a scythe, while the ominous vocals of frontman J.D. Cronise weave fantastical tales rife with myth and mythology. Vinyl includes a digital download card.

LP 21.00€*


DOOM/STONER-METAL. Recently it seems the relatively obscure genre of stoner/doom-metal has been creeping into more popular realms. Heavily influenced by BLACK SABBATH, SLEEP and other genre heroes, Austin's THE SWORD offer up 9 tracks of long hair and full stacks, taking the new breed of American metal to a new level. This album rocks from beginning to end, with no let up. If your prejudices run towards crushingly heavy doom riffs that dominate all other aspects of the sound mixed with deliciously cheesy lyrics sung in a chanting style, then you will play this album all the time. "age of winters" is easily the best doom-metal album of the past years and it is absolutely essential for everybody who enjoys the genre, as well as fans of BLACK SABBATH, HIGH ON FIRE and MASTODON. Vinyl includes a digital download card.

LP 21.00€*


POWER-VIOLENCE HARDCORE. This debut from both bands is a hardcore and power-violence onslaught. PIGSTICKER hail from Cleveland. On this release they lay down 7 fast in-your-face traditional Clevo hardcore anthems like H100's or 9 SHOCKS TERROR. On the other side is NOTHING IS OVER from Philadelphia. They bring to the table 11 blasting hardcore influenced power-violence tracks including a NEGATIVE APPROACH cover. Comes in silkscreened and handnumbered covers.

LP 7.50€*


POST-ROCK. Philadelphia's NOTHING returns with "tired of tomorrow", their beautifully profound follow-up to 2014's widely-acclaimed "guilty of everything". "tired of tomorrow" is a modern, nihilistic take on the triumphant fuzzed-out guitar rock of the '90s, replete with huge hooks and brooding melodies. With "tired of tomorrow", NOTHING has worked the deepest influences of their youth and maturation into a confident, memorable album that is sure to soothe old wounds while simultaneously opening up new ones. Vinyl includes a digital download card.

LP 20.00€*


POST-ROCK. Philadelphia's NOTHING has been destroying the eardrums of audiences throughout North America for the past 2 years with a magnetic blend of captivatingly dark and beautiful vocals and explosive, blown out, in-the-red guitar fuzz. On their debut full-length, "guilty of everything", NOTHING seamlessly merge the huge distorted guitar sound of '90s/'00s alternative rock giants MY BLOODY VALENTINE and SMAHING PUMPKINS with JESU's introspective post-metal/hardcore. This is a triumph of a debut that successfully manages to be massively loud, darkly introspective and totally beautiful all at once. Vinyl includes a digital download card.

LP 20.00€*


HARDCORE. "embrace the hatred" is the 2nd full-length by Berlins´ NOTHING. The record is yet again packed with a perfect mix of explosive hardcore in the vein of early NYC hardcore, dirty Portland hardcore aka POISON IDEA and the thrash and crossover of early Bay-Area bands or D.R.I.. This gem will make your head spin and bang! Bla bla...former members of BOMBENALARM, HIGHSCORE, MÖNSTER, SITUATIONS etc.. Vinyl comes with eyecatching artwork and includes a digital download card.

LP 5.50€*


HARDCORE. "to live and die for" is the latest offering from ALL FOR NOTHING. They return with 13 anthems of intense, high energetic hardcore that pummels you into submission with their singalong choruses, crushing breakdowns and melodic riffs. ALL FOR NOTHING want to spread their music to everyone and anyone and "to live and die for" has something for everyone, crossing all kinds of borders, each song a unique vision of purity showing that ALL FOR NOTHING are not afraid of wearing their heart on their sleeve. Vinyl comes housed in a gatefol-cover and includes a digital download card.

LP 16.00€*


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